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About me!

Hello! My name is Brody. I'm a 12-year-old from Oshkosh Wisconsin, and I've always been into electricity. In fact, I coded this website from scratch by myself! My story related to Christmas lights starts fairly early when I was about 4. That Christmas, I put up some lights on my house's staircase, and I decided that one year I wanted to put up lights outside. When I was 7, I was finally allowed to put up lights outside. When Christmas time came along that year, I decided that I wanted to put up the lights on the outside of my family's house. Since then, I've been in charge of putting my family's lights up.

My show when I was 7 (2016)

My show when I was 8 (2017)

My first syncronised show (2018)

The first year when I started putting up a syncronised display was when I turned 9, and I used a small box that has a speaker on it and turned on and off 6 plugs on it.

What it looked like

My show in 2018 was pretty simple, mainly because I only had 6 "channels" (outlets that turn on and off) to work with. It has lights on bushes, posts, 3 trees in the yard, and a small section with 2 trees and a fence. Here's a video of the show.

What I did in 2019 (When I was 10)

The year after that, I decided to go a little bit bigger. I bought a Light-O-Rama showtime central and AC 16-channel controller, Which is basically like the box I had previously but you can add more of them, controls sixteen ports instead of six, and you can program yourself with the help of the showtime central, which is a replacement for using a computer. That year I also decided I wanted to do my show for charity. It was a tough choice on which charity to pick, but after a little bit of debate, I decided on my local food pantry, The Oshkosh Area Community Pantry . After the display was over, I counted the donations including doubling from a company that preferred to stay anonymous, and came out with around $2100 towards the pantry. I made it my goal to get to $3000 the year after that. Through all of this, I had six stories done on me. Here's 5 of them, because 1 of them was in the newspaper. WBAY Beginning of the year Spectrum News WeAreGreenBay article WBAY end of the year Fox 11 story

What my show looked like

My show in 2019 had one big thing that I haven't ever seen on any other show: Giant mega arches that go all the way over my driveway. Other than that, My show had pretty much the same things as the year before, but I changed up how I plugged everything in so instead of big groups of lights, everything could be turned on individually. Here's a video of how it looked.

What I did in 2020 (When I was 11)

In 2020, I decided to add something big. I bought a Light-O-Rama Pixie16 controller, which is a controller that doesn't just turn lights on and off but can set any bulb of special strands to any color and brightness. It took a while to learn how to program but added a lot to the show experience. This year, two other major events occured. One was the first "Collaboration of Lights", which was an event where my show and three other local light shows teamed up on December 11th and 12th, got a few local business sponsorships, and all supported NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness. I also did a toffee and fudge fundraiser where my Nana donated her time and resources to make toffee and fudge that I sold. In all, I got $3332.13 to donate to charity with the help of some local business sponsors. In 2020, I got two stories done on me. Both of them were from WBAY. Collaboration of Lights WBAY story WBAY story

What my show looked like

With my new controller in 2020, I Replaced my mega arches with the special lights and added five smaller arches in the front of my yard that had the special lights on them. Here's one of the songs from that show.

My show's location

You can find my light display on 1874 Westbreeze Drive. My show runs from 5-9 on normal days and 5-10 on friday and saturday. My show starts on Thanksgiving day and runs until New Year's day.